Industrial Security Services

KDR Security Services provide professional Bouncers in Hosur, Industrial Security Services who have excellent experience in their particular domain and they play the role of a key feature in the outstanding performance of any business process.
Industrial Security Services also offer these services at industry-leading rates. We offer this service in modified as well as standard forms. We are a dedicated team of upskill and practiced individuals who work together to ensure the operations in your office are carried out smoothly. We take care and understand the requirements of various companies and hence have a great reputation in the industry.
KDR Industrial Security Service provider generate the staff to give the most dedicated and trustful support in industrial sectors. Our clients can avail from us, highly qualified security persons who have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of respective areas.

Corporate Security

We offer Corporate Security Services in Hosur to all Corporates, Banks, Financial Institutions, Malls, Pharma Companies, IT Companies and Commercial Establishments. Our Security guards are fully trained as per the Private Security Agencies.

The past few years have seen an unfortunate rise in the number of security breaches and has drastically hampered the growth of the organization. Not just corporate offices, even commercial businesses such as shopping malls, theatres, supermarkets, Pvt Sectors and many such crowded places are always on alert for such unforeseen incidents. 

Our attitude is to offer your organization with an honest and constant solitary point of contact service for every component of your safety. Our total emphasis is to improve, organize and sustain protection assistance for our clients which provides cost competent and pure system.

Hospital Security

Hospital Security Services is very sensitive and critical matter. It often involves dealing with distress people. While dealing with visitors, who are relatives of patients, security needs to be empathic and at the same time firm. If visitor are not handled properly, it may result in irregular situation and end up disturbing the peace and tranquility of the hospital.

We understand the critical nature of guarding the hospital premises and its patients, doctors, staffs and visitors. At KDR Security Services, we take care of all the security needs of the hospital in most comprehensive manner.

Our Security fulfils following Security needs of the Hospital

Entrance of Hospital, Crowd Control, Incoming Patient, Outgoing Patient, Hostile Situation.

Residential Security

We can understand that your Apartment / Home  is where your heart is. That’s why we offer the dependable and reasonable safety assistance for your Apartments and Home. We facilitate you with the following measures to protect your premises Well qualified and armed guards, Patrolling over a regular period. Our safety professionals have decades of understanding in providing dependable home security services and are proficient comprehensive, following to KDR Security Services high hopes for knowledge on safety actions and crime hindrance.

Event Security

We provide Security Service for various events like the sports event, product launches, concerts, corporate meets, etc.  We provide Traffic Management, Crowd Control, Knowledgeable and Trained Safety Officers. We have experienced, trained and professional male and female Staffes, security officers and close protection officers to take care of your every event needs. We offer flexibility to appoint as many as you want based on your daily or hourly requirement. We provide range of services to suit your event requirement.

Educational Institute Security

Security of a School / Educational Institutions is a highly sensitive matter as it involves securing innocent school children who are vulnerable to crime and easy target of impostors. If proper attention is not paid to safety and security of school premises, it may cause serious harm to the students and image of the school. A serious crime against students within the school premises may permanently tarnish image of the school and eventually lead to criminal liability and closure of the school. Similarly, security of college and hostel requires special attention to debar entry of anti social elements inside the campus and safeguard students.

KDR Security Services is not only Safeguard Students and the Institute, but also helps the educational institute in building trust amongst parents and uplifting overall image of the institute. We provide best school security service in Hosur, Krishnagiri Dt, Tamilnadu.